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Q: Describe Do’s and Dont’s of using ClO2?

A: It is essential to wear protective gloves and protective mask while spraying at high pressure to prevent inhaling activated solution. It is important to work in a well ventilated space. Always prevent spraying on wounds. Spray on certain fabric can cause de-coloring.

Q: Is it essential to rinse or wipe after using ClO2 Fumigation?

A: In case fumigation, there is no requirement of rinsing or wiping after ClO2. It gets the air out of the confined area before re-occupying it.

Q: How effective is Chlorine Dioxide against microbes in comparison to NaClO?

A: When compared to Sodium hypochlorite, Chorine Dioxide (ClO2) has more potent anti-microbial activity. It reduces the Biofilm to zero.

Q: Basic data on ClO2?

  • Performance: High upto 12 to 72 hours.
  • Contact Time: Seconds to Minutes
  • Concentration: 0.5 to 10 ppm
  • Works in pH: 4 t0 10
  • Corrosion: Negligible
  • Flammability: Negligible
  • Toxicity: Negligible
  • Cost:Low cost
  • Storage: Easy storage


Q: Show some uses of Chlorine Dioxide?

A: Chlorine Dioxide can be used as following: Sterilizer Disinfectant Sanitizer Sporicide Germicide

Q: State some advantages of ClO2 to Human Health?

A: ClO2 is a WHO, FDA, US-EPA approved product that is NSF certified for material safety. Not being Carcinogenic in nature, ClO2 does not causes any irritation to skin, nose, tissues and so on. It removes the bio-film from germs, fungi, virus and bacteria.

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